Student Experiences

“Elandra, I just have to share with you that something incredible happened in the class on Tuesday. Even though I couldn’t do all the physical exercises I still could do them in my mind… which was very powerful. Within me for many years was a stubborn stagnation, and finally in the class it was somehow opened up, and the stuckness freed, so I could feel new energy circulating. Next day I felt very different and then, wow, I really noticed it as I was chanting, my voice, after feeling squeezed for so long, was so very full, long, strong and clear!”

I’m impressed with the quality of their yoga – the power and energy flow I experienced doing the hatha postures combined with the breath is very unique…I am captivated by their deep knowledge and mastery of Naad Yoga, the Yoga of Chanting and Sacred Voice… Haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time… These guys are really authentic, not a job  but the way they live their life… Inspiring me to return to my daily practice…Today feeling terrible, after the class an incredible difference! …The sound produced through everyone chanting that one sacred sound took me to another realm and really energized me… Loved feeling my energy shifting and igniting, eager for more…Removed many energetic hooks from my body that I didn’t even know were there…Surprised that it was just the healing that I so needed… No more back and neck pain…No more high blood pressure….Knees better…Chronic pain disappeared …Tension and  tightness  gone… Wonderful, gentle energy, lovely music, delightful teachers…So refreshing…So much wisdom…Like an internal shower…Life-changing…

Antion & Elandra, your classes are always fun and a blessing to attend. Your words of wisdom are often so incredibly relevant to what I have been experiencing during the week prior to coming to the class. The Sacred Voice and self healing tips, along with your encouragement to do a personal practice are inspiring… my partner and I are now getting up at 4:30am to make sure we have time to do the yoga and meditation – what a difference it makes! It is much easier to focus and my energy levels are increasing each day. Love you both!





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