Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga A&E for KPExperience Living Love Kundalini Yoga – A Fast track to Divine Union!

Elandra and Antion’s international Living Love Kundalini Yoga (LLKY) classes and workshops are unique in the world.

Antion’s live transformational music enhances what is already a highly healing and empowering yoga experience.

The power of asana in Class Lying in Circleconjunction with pranayama, chant and live sacred song inspires the awakening of your Kundalini (Divine Feminine) within.

Each moment is a priceless experience of presencing, inviting a joyous and fun inner exploration of super-consciousness and super-health within your pineal, chakras, organs and meridians.

The sublime sound of Antion’s voice, Sanskrit-based chant and Hawaiian songs of love, healing and blessing supports you to manifest your own direct connection to Source.

A teaching in TentWith regular practice it can change your life, transform you, turn you inside out and upside down.   Because it brings you within, inside, back to your true self. Inside, where you are always safely in the driver’s seat, with the bigger YOU in charge, feeling YOUR OWN authentic pristine original power. This is true healing and evolutionary energy for your highest good and for the good of all, with no competition, no shame, and no judgment.

It’s about cultivating inner self-worth and love. So you know, it’s more about opening the heart than the hips, – but hey, they go together!  It’s also about moving energy through old stuck beliefs, thoughts and feelings so as to free up original joy and spontaneity.

Our vast experience of over forty years teaching experience, commitment to the Divine within ourselves and each other (40 years marriage) brings to our classes “Living” “Love” – as expressed by one student: “You both radiate so much love, joy & light – which is why so many people are drawn to be in your presence – the unspoken energy exchange is enough without the wonderful teachings you are sharing with us here in Aotearoa.”

“You both radiate so much love, joy & light – which is why so many people are drawn to be in your presence – the unspoken energy exchange is enough without the wonderful teachings you are sharing with us here in Aotearoa.”

“Is Kundalini Yoga dangerous?”

We began teaching Yoga in USA, UK & and Europe at a time when most people had never even heard the word Yoga! In the early days of Kundalini Yoga in USA, back in the flower-power late 60s, we would do yoga almost non-stop for weeks on end, women in skirts, and men bare-chested.

When asked “Is Kundalini Yoga dangerous?” I used to answer, “Of course it is. You might just walk out afterwards with a new body. Even a new life! You might have a healing miracle on your knee, back, or wherever. You might take a trip to the stars, and descend back embodying into your quivering cells vast vistas of quantum consciousness. You might feel your pineal waking up and vibrating your third eye, and then wow, feel safely at home in your own body, held, healed, whole, and holy – at last. Holy moly dangerous, ‘cos you access, raise, move, cultivate, heal, love and harvest YOUR OWN divine energy!  And your transformation might change the world!” (It did too, as safe-injury-free Kundalini Yoga is now popular worldwide).

You never know what will happen in our classes; you may even hear stories of our amazing experiences in the early days as we humorously and lovingly give you a taste of those times! As a musician Antion was one of the first outside of India to own a harmonium, and the first non-native singer-ragi-master of Gurbani Kirtan in the world – you can read more under Sacred Voice.
Kundalini Yoga is a self healing practise with an intense inner energy focus, which raises the body’s own internal heat for rapid change, transformation or healing into your true health and lasting wellbeing.

Postures, breath, sound, movement and stillness are used to take us out of our busy minds and into our peaceful bodies.

Breath is your focus of priority, rather than physical form, this discipline is suitable for all stages of physical ability or disability.

Suitable for all abilities, body types, religious backgrounds and ages it is physically kind and gentle (or not, by your own choice!) self accepting, individualized, adaptive – you choose your personal level of challenge.

At all times there is an interplay between the two functions of opening and releasing, and reforming and integration.

Each moment is an interactive, co-creative healing journey with you as your own navigator into the unknown, your inner body, energy system and electro- magnetic field.

Elandra’s teaching style is kind and forgiving, the emphasis is more on opening your heart than opening your hips: standing on your own two feet than your head! 

The general form of each class looks something like this:

Tuning in: We bring our focus into the class with a chant

Breathing: We focus on deep belly breathing, this connects us with our oneness

Kriya: A set of postures and chants which stimulate the body in a specific way to increase well being, flexibility, love and more

Meditation: To bring awareness to our thoughts and release stresses of the day. Often a combination of mantra (sacred sound waves repeated silently or aloud) and mudras (sacred hand gestures) are used to help us to connect with our higher consciousness.

Relaxation: To allow our bodies to integrate all the changes we have made; it is also an opportunity to direct the energy generated to places in our bodies which need special attention to heal.

Sacred Voice – Naad Yoga: A session which uses our own voice to heal ourselves. When done in a group you can really feel those sacred vibrations!




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