More About Elandra

Elandra Kirsten Meredith, CMT, LMT, BA, is known internationally as a ‘medical intuitive’ healing practitioner, a miracle healer, a yoga and healing teacher with over thirty years’ experience as professional multimodality practitioner in five Healing Centers, practicing over 30  healing modalities. She is founder, director and international teacher trainer of Lomi Chi Holographic Healing and the Online Elandra Health Healing Program.
 Elandra is an actress-model-movie-star turned international shamanic healer, health and healing professional, and presenter in the fields of consciousness, yoga, health, healing and more.  She tells her story in her book – “From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight” on
As a London model and actress she had a spiritual epiphany and abandoned her celebrity lifestyle in favor of yoga teaching and ashram eco-living. After several decades as director of a Yoga Center, she experienced a miraculous self-healing which catalyzed her true vocation – as a transformational healer  presenting trainings worldwide.

Her rich background – from cavorting with the rich and famous in London and being part of the revolution in consciousness in 60s California, plus Yoga ashram eco-community living for 17 years,  as director/teacher trainer of a Yoga Centre, directing  Childbirth/ Childcare services, followed by  17 years indigenous earth-centered  living in Hawaii,  has furnished her with multitudes of multicultural and multidimensional perspectives.

Elandra’s  remarkable stories of instant/ miracle healing of physical problems are told in her book. One client dying of cancer in all organs was fully healed – after one session – and declared by medical doctors after all tests to be in remission fully resurrected back to life. She teaches her three principles of healing: “all healing is self-healing, doubt is the enemy, and love is the key”.  As a passionate sacred activist she shares in all she does how the current tumultuous struggles of humanity are the very thing that can lead people to a new life and better world.  
Although originally from Denmark she is a New Zealander – graduate of Auckland University in three languages -, who moved first to London, then California and Hawaii, and is now primarily back in NZ. Elandra has worldwide connections and an international lifestyle together with her longtime partner Antion Vikram Singh Meredith. They teach workshops, retreats and trainings together such as   Sacred Voice, Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Relationship, Music Concerts, Sacred Chant & Storytelling, all with a vision and purpose of rematriating our world into a higher  frequency New Civilization.

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