Voices of Sacred Earth This Weekend! See you there!

Dear NZ Yoga Enthusiasts!

Voices of Sacred Earth FestivalThis is about the Voices of Sacred Earth festival and to let you know our schedule. This festival is vitally significant in these times of global challenge, as it’s about consciousness, of what saves Nature and nurtures the Earth. Sacredness and self-sacralising is my big passion, and crucial in these times of highest ever cancer, suicide, and antidepressants pill popping, as: “There is no antidepressant that will cure a depression that is spiritually based, because the malaise does not originate from brain dysfunction but from an accurate response to the
desecration of life.”
David Hawkins.

This sharing and spreading of Earth wisdom is  my life’s calling since birth, and I am honoured to be involved from the very beginning at Kawai Purapura, supporting the gathering of the incredible wisdom keepers of Aotearoa. This year the presenters and workshops are ever more inspirational; I look forward to seeing you there, as our wonderful yoga-focused-group-consciousness can make all the difference to increase sacredness (and lower dysfunctionality rates) in NZ.

Sat. 11.00am in Prema:  SACRED VOICE KUNDALINI CHANT EXPERIENCETalk- do you really want to be spiritual 0 00 16-04
In this extraordinary time of change and transition one of our most powerful allies is our own Sacred Voice – our Authentic Voice, our Empowered Voice – how to let it ring out and sing out!

Multi-Dimensional ManifestingSat. 4.00pm in Marquee:  MULTIDIMENSIONAL MANIFESTING FOR LOVE & JOY
Experiencing a level of manifestation beyond “the Law of Attraction”…

Sun. 2.00pm in Prema:  LOVE EMBODIED AS A SPIRITUAL PATHHands Making Heart Shape
Love a spiritual path? …Not many role models…so how do you do it?

I end with a favorite quote ever at the back of my  mind:
“It’s time to move past the limitations of seeking our personal good fortune in isolation. It makes no sense to have a congruent life but not a congruent world.” – Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Unstoppable Love and Blessings to you!

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